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3D Virtual TOurs

An arcade that offers endless options for family fun! Whether you’re an old school Pac-Man fan, Mario Bros. fanatic or love all things PS4; Maniac Mansion is the place to be! Located in Wichita Falls, TX, the arcade features some of the best retro arcade machines along with new top-notch video games. Among these features is the super cool cereal bar for when customers want to take a break and enjoy the lounge area. Our 3D virtual tour helped Maniac Mansion garner immense exposure within the local community of Wichita Falls, TX. Services such as 4K HDR Photography delivered amazing quality photographs of the arcade that helped boost foot traffic. Be sure to click on the tour to view this unique scan.

What we do

–  3D Virtual Tour (Guided)
– 4K HDR Photography
– 360 Photography


Our 3D Virtual Tours have numerious interactive features3D Walkthroughs, a 3D “Dollhouse”, Media Tags, Measurements and Schematic Floor Plans. We also create Guided Tours, specifically tailored to highlight your space and guide consumers throughout the tour. These tours can be shared anywhere from websites, social media and real estate sites.

3D Walkthrough
Immersive next generation digital experience that engages clients with a 3D virtual tour of any space.​

Zoom out of 3D model of your space and look at the property from outside numerous angles like never before. 

Media Tags

Guide viewers and highlight key features of your space by embedding videos, photos and links inside of the 3D tour.


Get dimensions of any wall, door, window, or any other item/ point within the space. See if a piece of furniture fits.

3D TOUR Video

Customized promotional video captured by “walking” through our 3D Virtual Tours. ​Custom intros available. 

Highly accurate (99%) 2D and 3D detailed floor plans of your listings. Floor plans are available as printable PDFs.